Company Selection // USANA Health Sciences

USANA Health Sciences ( is one of America’s leading companies in health and nutrition. USANA provides products to improve the health and quality of life of its customers. It produces high quality nutritional supplements as well us personal-care products. USANA is built on the idea that health is wealth. It strives to enrich the lives of others by providing education and the tools needed to improve their health.

The value of USANA lies in its compassion and its genuine desire to help people. USANA makes it easy for the consumer to trust it, as its profits are deeply reliant on the effectiveness of the products. USANA is honest about what it sells and strives to help consumers make educated choices regarding their health. It has also accumulated a good reputation for its charitable foundations and community involvement.

USANA could benefit from a redesign of the brand. While it clearly offers worthwhile products and has been successful because of this, its brand is somewhat lacking. The information consumers gather about the company’s trustworthiness are from the quality of the products USANA carries. There is hardly any corporate identity to help the customer quickly gauge whether USANA is worth their business. Simply put, the current strategy doesn’t say anything about USANA.

Redesign will give USANA a voice. Redesign will make USANA appear more current, in turn making the products feel higher end. It will make USANA’s brand more easily recognized and intuitive. There will no longer be questions about what USANA is and the services it provides. A more consistent identity with a well-designed strategy will increase USANA’s sales.  Redesign will also benefit existing customers, as it will demonstrate that USANA is committed to excellence and providing products of the highest quality– merchandise and the USANA product itself.




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