USANA // Name Change


I think it will be beneficial for USANA Health Sciences to change their name. The current name suggests that the company is some sort of research facility, not a company that specializes in nutritional supplements.

Additionally, the public has a somewhat tainted view of USANA. A quick google search of the name leads potential customers to an anti-USANA blogger at as one of the top hits.

As I’ve said before, people love USANA products and swear by them. But people do not love USANA the company. A new name will give USANA a fresh start.


Wellness Health Sciences: Indicates more advanced technology in wellness but with a more recognizable term, unlike USANA.

Moxie: Implies vibrancy and health, and is much short than current name.

Iron Health and Nutrition: Sounds solid and strong and dependable. Leaves much more of an impression than USANA. ironhealthandnutrtion

Body Wellness: Easy to understand what the company does where the current name does not clearly imply it.

Refresh Health: Hints at products company provides, consumer has general idea of what to expect.

Body Love: In-line with USANA’s current philosophy of being good to one’s body with a more direct name.

WholeBody Health Science: Implies that company provides products for any body issue.

Be Whole: Logo options for this would be pretty interesting.

Champion Health Nutrition: Appeals to athletes as well as anyone who wants to be a champion. Indicates a more performance based product.

Core Glow Health: Conveys a feeling of wellness and goodness and implies more natural supplements than current name.

Heart Happy Health: In-line with current company mission statement and could possibly attract new demographic of those with cardiovascular problems.

Glow: Sounds wholesome and healthy and is catchy and short unlike current name.

Health Remedies: Indicates that the company provides products that will boost health.

Remedy Sciences: The name implies that the products sold will heal and help.

SoundBody Health: This name makes the consumer think of whole body health and is a good indicator of what the company provides.


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