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I think it will be beneficial for USANA Health Sciences to change their name. The current name suggests that the company is some sort of research facility, not a company that specializes in nutritional supplements.

Additionally, the public has a somewhat tainted view of USANA. A quick google search of the name leads potential customers to an anti-USANA blogger at usanawatchdog.blogspot.com as one of the top hits.

As I’ve said before, people love USANA products and swear by them. But people do not love USANA the company. A new name will give USANA a fresh start.


Wellness Health Sciences: Indicates more advanced technology in wellness but with a more recognizable term, unlike USANA. wellnesshs.com

Moxie: Implies vibrancy and health, and is much short than current name. moxiehealthscience.com

Iron Health and Nutrition: Sounds solid and strong and dependable. Leaves much more of an impression than USANA. ironhealthandnutrtion

Body Wellness: Easy to understand what the company does where the current name does not clearly imply it. bebodywell.com

Refresh Health: Hints at products company provides, consumer has general idea of what to expect. refreshhealth.com

Body Love: In-line with USANA’s current philosophy of being good to one’s body with a more direct name. showbodylove.com

WholeBody Health Science: Implies that company provides products for any body issue. wholebodyhs.com

Be Whole: Logo options for this would be pretty interesting. bwholehealth.com

Champion Health Nutrition: Appeals to athletes as well as anyone who wants to be a champion. Indicates a more performance based product. championhealthnutrition.com

Core Glow Health: Conveys a feeling of wellness and goodness and implies more natural supplements than current name. coreglowhealth.com

Heart Happy Health: In-line with current company mission statement and could possibly attract new demographic of those with cardiovascular problems. hearthappyhealth.com

Glow: Sounds wholesome and healthy and is catchy and short unlike current name. glownutrtionhealth.com

Health Remedies: Indicates that the company provides products that will boost health. healthremedy.com

Remedy Sciences: The name implies that the products sold will heal and help. remedysciences.com

SoundBody Health: This name makes the consumer think of whole body health and is a good indicator of what the company provides. thesoundbody.com

Company Research

USANA Health Sciences was established in 1992 by Myron Wentz. In the founder’s message, Wentz says he was inspired to start the company because of the premature deaths of his parents. He believes that his parents’ deaths could have been prevented had they taken better care of their bodies. Because of this, he is highly invested in providing health supplements for the general public, particularly nutritional supplements.

We now know that optimal nutrition is key to long-term good health. Unfortunately, the high level of nutrition that is necessary to maintain good health is difficult to receive from the typical modern diet. And, the nutritional supplement industry was filled with incomplete, unbalanced products. This discovery led me to found USANA Health Sciences in 1992 in order to develop advanced nutritional formulations and manufacture premier nutritional supplements. Today, I believe that with the USANA Health Sciences products, people can live healthier lives, and I’m excited about sharing this good news with others.


The products are expensive, but users swear by them. There are very few reviews regarding the supplements themselves that are negative. They are overwhelmingly glowing reviews.  It can be purchased online from many different sources ranging USANA itself to Amazon and other smaller nutritional shops. Acting as a mystery shopper, I found no issues with this. The products are expensive, sure. But nearly everyone who has tried each product believes in it. Those who had less than desirable results admitted to not following the strict diet regimen as suggested. There are clear descriptions as to what the product does and plenty of reviewers to get a good idea. I have also read blog posts praising the quality of the supplements. Overall, I was impressed with how well people responded to the product.

However, overall, consumers seem wary of USANA because of the way it is marketed. It began as a multi-level marketing company. There are individual representatives who recruit others to sell the product. In order to sell the products, the individual must first buy an expensive package. Those who have been involved in the recruitment have described it as a “cult-like” experience. All have mentioned an odd occurrence at recruitment meetings wherein USANA representatives will intermittently yell positive words like “Yes!” and “Oh yeah!” and “Uh huh!”

Indeed, this type of sales technique can scare away consumers. However, as I found out as a mystery shopper, this system can be avoided. The products can be purchased directly from the USANA website and shipped to your door. No representatives involved. If the consumer purchases through Amazon, there is even less risk of being contacted by the company for recruitment. The fact is, sales are sales and USANA does not limit itself to multi-level marketing to get the product out there. Those worried about this tactic can avoid it.

Additionally, there have been questions raised about the honesty of the financial projections and annual reports of USANA. In fact, one individual has dedicated an entire blog http://usanawatchdog.blogspot.com/ to uncovering what they believe to be lies and misgivings told by USANA. The blog is updated regularly and makes compelling arguments. The existence of this blog indicates a general feeling of mistrust towards the company’s management.


In reviewing USANA’s past identities, it appears they have really only carried two different logos in the company’s 20-year life. The most recent one is better than the previous but I still feel that it does not tell the consumer enough about what USANA does. Tagline’s include “Health is Wealth,” and “Nutrionals you can trust.” They also stress the point that the products were made for each unique consumer, saying versions of “Discover how you and USANA  were made for each other.” The overall tone of the language is always positive if not encouraging. It really does feel like USANA cares.


The top competitors of USANA Health Sciences are Avon Products, Inc., Mannatech, Inc., and Amway International. All three are multi-level marketing businesses selling self-improvement products. Avon strikes me as the most fierce competitor. They are well established and their identity is well-designed. There is a recognized with the Avon brand that none of these other companies have. However, Avon is a bit more focused on beauty than health.

Mannatech is more similar to USANA in that it has a more health oriented product line. Viewing the website, Mannatech feels more natural and organic than USANA. This isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing but a consumer may feel more inclined toward Mannatech products given that seems natural. Comparing this to USANA, the name USANA Health Sciences itself leads the consumer to believe these are manmade products and therefore less safe.

Mannatech’s website design is much less cluttered than USANA’s. It’s green and white. It feels clean and spa-like, unlike the sterile medical feel of USANA. However, the Mannatech logo seems outdated so it has that going against it.



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Company Selection // USANA Health Sciences

USANA Health Sciences (http://www.usana.com) is one of America’s leading companies in health and nutrition. USANA provides products to improve the health and quality of life of its customers. It produces high quality nutritional supplements as well us personal-care products. USANA is built on the idea that health is wealth. It strives to enrich the lives of others by providing education and the tools needed to improve their health.

The value of USANA lies in its compassion and its genuine desire to help people. USANA makes it easy for the consumer to trust it, as its profits are deeply reliant on the effectiveness of the products. USANA is honest about what it sells and strives to help consumers make educated choices regarding their health. It has also accumulated a good reputation for its charitable foundations and community involvement.

USANA could benefit from a redesign of the brand. While it clearly offers worthwhile products and has been successful because of this, its brand is somewhat lacking. The information consumers gather about the company’s trustworthiness are from the quality of the products USANA carries. There is hardly any corporate identity to help the customer quickly gauge whether USANA is worth their business. Simply put, the current strategy doesn’t say anything about USANA.

Redesign will give USANA a voice. Redesign will make USANA appear more current, in turn making the products feel higher end. It will make USANA’s brand more easily recognized and intuitive. There will no longer be questions about what USANA is and the services it provides. A more consistent identity with a well-designed strategy will increase USANA’s sales.  Redesign will also benefit existing customers, as it will demonstrate that USANA is committed to excellence and providing products of the highest quality– merchandise and the USANA product itself.




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